Wide OPEN!

Monday to Wednesday  4PM-11PM+

Thursday & Friday 4PM-12AM

Saturday 12PM-12AM

Sunday 12PM-11PM+

Mask are equired upon entering

and while walking around.

Distanced dining, cocktails and gaming. Drinks to GO!

Coorsbra Kai karate bartender

PIXELS takeout!

How do you clean all the tokens?

this is how we dooo it


Locally owned

About the kids

Locally owned

We're proud to be locally owned and operated.  We ooze local charm and history. Check out our wall of past Norfolk venues. Our two-story fun castle has seating, games, sarcasm, and a bar on both floors.

We're located on the edge of historic Ghent, where it meets the Railroad District.

With plenty of parking and fun, there's no reason you shouldn't be here right meow.


Game tokens

About the kids

Locally owned

Our games work exclusively on tokens. We have feisty token machines to exchange your bills. Some of you will remember, getting the token machine to accept your bill is an experience all its own. Just smooooth it out.

We have an ATM, or you can add tokens to your check with a server or bartender.


About the kids

About the kids

About the kids

We're primarily an adult venue,

 with a 21+ only policy after 9pm.

18+ are allowed unaccompanied until 9pm.

Under 18 are permitted with a parent or guardian (limit 5 per guardian) until 9pm.

Unattended kids will get Pop Rocks & cola