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PIXELS & games


  • Aerosmith
  • Metallica
  • Game of Thrones (yes, the finale was awful)
  • Monster Bash
  • Medieval Madness
  • The Walking Dead

Challenge Games

  • Ice Ball x2 (a roll some balls over a ramp and into some holes game. no tickets come out, just good times and sweet victories)
  • Air Hockey
  • Crane game (save fluffy things from the glass box)
  • Stacker (a redemption game with a bottom row of toys you won't miss when you lose them, and a top row of items that are dusty. your kids will bug you to play...muahaha!!!)

2 Seater Table Tops (yep, those cool ones you always wanted to eat on but never were allowed to . . . please eat and drink on ours.)

  • Multicade x2

Mega Game

  • Pac Mac Battle Royale Deluxe 

                 (4 player head to head podium play)

Cabinet Style 

  • Joust
  • Mrs. Pac Man
  • Donkey Kong
  • Dig-Dug
  • Asteroids
  • Berserk
  • Missile Command
  • Tempest
  • Pac Man
  • Frogger
  • Centipede
  • Galaga
  • Burger Time
  • Tapper
  • Mario Brothers
  • Q-Bert
  • Popeye
  • Commando
  • 1942
  • Double Dragon
  • Karate Champ
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Marvel vs. Capcom
  • Dragon's Lair (yes you'll lose, but you'll love it)
  • Rampage (3 player)
  • X-Men (4 player)
  • TMNT (4 player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • The Simpsons (4 player)
  • NBA Jams (4 player)
  • Gauntlet (4 player)
  • NFL Blitz (4 player)

We primarily have retro games released during the 1980's and 90's.  We do plan to add and change out games as we grow and evolve. Maybe we'll even add some newish-er games, maybe... 

We already have a nice wish list but please send us your suggestions!

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